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Photo: Bimtek Participants from Bangladesh Together with the Head and Staff of Singosari BBIB at the Opening Event, Tuesday, October 22, 2019 (Humas of BBIB Singosari)

On 22 – 24 October 2019, 8 representatives of the Ministry of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry of Bangladesh, conducted a brief technical guidance collaboration at BBIB Singosari which was packaged in the Study Visit on Dairy Farm Management, Milk Collection, Processing, Product Diversification, and Marketing for Bangladesh. This activity aims to develop livestock management, especially dairy cows in Bangladesh.

Learning methods carried out include through classical methods in the classroom, laboratory and field observations, focus group discussions, as well as visits to partners from BBIB Singosari. Classical methods in the class are filled by experts from BBIB Singosari. The material presented includes, among others, policies related to animal husbandry in Indonesia, the role of BBIB Singosari in animal husbandry development in Indonesia, Progeny Test on dairy cattle in Indonesia, feed management, animal husbandry management, as well as production and handling of frozen semen. Participants directly saw the activities and facilities at BBIB Singosari. They were also given an understanding of the superiority of the process of maintenance and collection of male semen, the process of making animal feed (TMR: Total Mixed Ratio), and the process of producing frozen semen. Participants discuss in focus group discussions related to the various problems they face in Bangladesh, to further find solutions to solve them together.

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