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The Regional Government of East Java Province in collaboration with the Belgian Government (AB 05 and ATA 73) established a frozen cement laboratory in Wonocolo Surabaya


The Central Government took over the management of the laboratory and designated it as the Wonocolo Artificial Insemination Branch with the Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 314 / Kpts / Org / 5/1978, dated 25 May 1978


Relocated the facility form Wonocolo Surabaya to Singosari Malang


The Director General of Livestock assigned the facility to be named as the Branch of AI Center in Singosari


The status was upgraded to Singosari Artificial Insemination Center by Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 193 / Kpts / OT.212 / 2/1988, dated 29 February 1988.


The status was upgraded to Singosari Center for Artificial Insemination by Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 681 / Kpts / OT.140 / 11/2004, dated 25 November 2004.


Singosari National AI center is designated as PK-BLU based on the Decree of the Minister of Finance NO: 54 / KMK.05 / 2010, dated February 5, 2010




Mission :

  1. Improvement of production and diversification of products and services.
  2. Organize the bull replacement and continuous improvement of genetic quality supported by the application of good breeding practices.
  3. Improvement of human resources professionalism through education, training, promotion, and placement based on competencies to improve international competitiveness.
  4. Optimizing of facilities and added value of a physical and intellectual asset through technology development and patent.
  5. Realizing service performance through marketing, reliable cooperation, and monitoring of products and services supported by innovative information systems.
  6. Realizing efficient, accountable, and transparent administrative and financial performance to create reliable Public Services Agencies.


Singosari National AI Center Main Task:

“To perform the production, distribution, marketing and monitoring of the quality of superior livestock cement and the development of artificial insemination”


Singosari National AI Center Function:

  1. Programs drafting, evaluations and reports
  2. Performing frozen semen production and providing technical advice on superior livestock cement production.
  3. To Carry out testing and monitoring of superior livestock quality
  4. Improve artificial insemination and frozen semen production methods
  5. To carry out the superior bulls raising
  6. Implementation of superior bull health care
  7. To supervise and supply superior bull feed
  8. To conduct progeny test and increase the genetic quality of superior bull
  9. Implementing cooperation and optimizing the use of resources
  10. Carry out maintenance, distribution and marketing of the products
  11. Management of infrastructure and production facilities
  12. Management of information and promotion of the product
  13. Management of administration, household and equipment affairs.

The general affairs has the task of carrying out program drafting, evaluation and report, financial management, administration, staffing, household and equipment.

General Affairs Functions:

  • Program preparation, evaluation and report
  • Preparation of business plans and budgets
  • Preparation of budget execution documents
  • Implementation of income and expenditure management
  • Implementation of cash management
  • Implementation of accounting matters
  • Implementation of financial management information systems
  • Implementation of administrative and personnel affairs
  • Implementation of household affairs, equipment, infrastructure and production facilities

The technical service division has the task of providing technical services for raising livestock and improving the quality of livestock genetics, producing superior livestock semen, as well as developing artificial insemination.

The Functions of Technical Services division are:

  • To Provide technical services for raising livestock
  • To Provide technical services for superior male livestock health
  • To Provide supervision services and provision of superior male livestock feed
  • To Provide technical services to improve the genetic quality of livestock
  • To Provide technical services to produce superior livestock
  • To Provide technical services to develop of artificial insemination

The marketing and information division has the task of carrying out cooperation and optimizing the use of resources, products preservation and distribution as well as managing information and promotions.

The function of Marketing and information division are:

  •  To prepare cooperation and optimization of resource utilization
  • To Carry out preservation and distribution of production results
  • Implementation of information affairs and promotion of the product
  • To perform the recording and documentation of production results
  • To Provide after sales service
  • To Provide monitoring services for semen quality of superior livestock
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